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Window Coverings

Architextures targets projects that are able to utilize Solarfective Rollershades as the primary window covering. We retain the in-house skill to undertake high challenge-specialty and/or large projects that incorporate a variety window coverings.

Architextures furnishes and installs the following products

Our partners Solarfective, design and manufacture some of the most effective rollershades available. In the rare event that Solarfective does not have a model or finish that works with a designers or owners intent, we are able to provide and install many of the popular rollershades on the market. Yacht’s are a good example of a specialty market that often require products such as these.

Horizontal Louvers
Window blinds are still a commonly used product if only for the purpose of reducing overhead. If your project has a mix of rollershades and horizontal louvers, we will provide the very highest in quality and finish products available in this category in a very competitive proposal.

Coil Draperies
Often, a project using these large artistic firescreens will only consist of a few units in whole. We have the experience with the products and installation to ensure a successful installation of your feature window covering.

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