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Stretched Ceilings


BARRISOL stretch ceilings are suitable for any private, commercial or public place. It is a stretched membrane based system utilizing aluminum perimeter track and support framework. [ More Info ]

FabriTrak Option

Architextures craftsman have the ability to fabricate curved and multi shaped ceiling fabric panels, providing fantastic visual appearance and acoustical reverberation reduction.

Eurospan Option

Eurospan is site installed fabric ceiling panels that utilize a unique wide fabric stretched over white fiberglass acoustical infill. Eurospan is limited in color, but is capable of spanning large ceiling areas.

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Stretched Ceiling Examples

BARRISOL [ link ]
FabriTrak / FabriSpan [ link ]
Eurospan [ link ]

Above: FabriTrak arched ceilings located above the elevator lobbies at 1st Hill Swedish Medical Center (Seattle). This illustrates how we solved the challenging acoustics while maintaining visual appeal.