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What is an acoustical wall panel?


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Acoustical Tackable Wall Panels

When dealing with a noisy space, such as a conference or board room, there are two things taken into account. (1) How do I reduce and control the reverberation of sound and (2) How do I keep the room useful to the function it serves in light of the goal to control sound.

The Solution is FabriTrak

With FabriTrak as the solution, our installers place tackable infill within the custom built perimeter track system and then cover it in fabric.

Every space is different and walls are almost never perfectly square. This brings to light the need for a custom built solution. The FabriTrak installers build the panels on site, right on the wall, with almost any fabric selection, and choice edge details.

To hear more about FabriTrak:

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Above: Conference room using acoustical
tackable wall panels built onto sliding doors in
front of white board.