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Window Rollershades

Solarfective has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing and engineering the highest level of quality rollershades custom built to each application.

Available now is a wide selection of environmentally sound choices in sunshade fabrics and opaque room darkening fabrics. These new choices also offer a much broader choice in colors and texture than available previously.

Above: Solarfective T-1 Manual Rollershade detail

Motorized Rollershades

Increased use of large areas of glass in commercial and residential applications demands extra large shades. Solarfective motorized shades can be wired to allow for individual control or group control with a
flick of a switch.

Manual Rollershades

Solarfective manual rollershades use a proprietary counterbalance coil spring for super smooth up and down action. No other manufacturer in the world uses a balancing system! Test the Solarfective manual rollershade system today.


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