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Installation Overview

Installing a BARRISOL stretch ceiling is relatively quick and simple for trained BARRISOL installers.

1) To install a BARRISOL stretch ceiling, a wall-rail is mounted around the perimeter of the room, on either flat or curved surfaces. There's no need for interior tracks or supports. Rails are available in a variety of styles, and can be either visible or fully concealed.

2) Once the rail is installed, custom-cut film is stretched into place, starting with the corners. Its semi-rigid edge is fitted into the wall rail, securing the film without intermediate supports. Lighting fixtures, alarms, sprinklers and ventilation equipment can all be accommodated.

Installing the BARRISOL system in a typical room or small office takes about two to four hours, depending on the complexity of the room. The number of corners and openings required determines the complexity and the amount of time required.

You will still have access to the mechanical space behind the surface after installation is complete. Ceilings can be removed temporarily, and fit back into place, in the original shape. Pre-finished is virtually maintenance-free.

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