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What is an acoustical wall panel?


Will acoustical panels reduce my neighbor's noise?


Does FabriTrak require reveals?


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100% Recyclable Acoustical Infill

Acousticotton can be installed in many different ways. Each application may have its own installation method some of which may include: Installed as Infill in acoustical wall perimeter system such as FabriTrak
attached to wall with staples, glue or pins.

Cotton in black?

Check out our new 4-1/2 pound acoustical charcoal-colored cotton. It can be covered with fabric, metal, wood or simply left to "hide" up in the ceiling or wall area.

Acousticotton Benefits:

  • Meets all ASTM fire and safety tests
  • 100% post-manufacture recycled product
  • It's cost competitive with fiberglass!
  • Safe and easy on skin
  • Great acoustical and insulation use in cavities - ceiling ducts, fabric panels and panelized applications.
  • Gain building L.E.E.D points

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